Retirement Planning

Planning for one’s retirement is one of the most important decisions to be taken in one’s life, but most people usually ignore it. It is one of the earliest decisions to be taken, yet it is accorded the last priority and generally people spare it a thought when it may be too late. People keep on postponing the retirement planning because they are not able to visualize the post-retirement scenario and they do not know how to achieve the investment objectives.

Retirement planning for each individual would be dependent on a number of factors like his age of retirement, family size, place of residence post retirement, monthly expenses and liabilities,. Since the requirements are different, the planning too has to be customized and sensitive to the special needs of the individual.

At Beekay Associates, we draw up customized plans to take care of your retirement years. Our retirement plans would help you to achieve the following objectives:



Beekay Associates extends a special service to the retiring defence personnel through a tailor made plan for the investment of the retirement benefits on the basis of the officer’s requirements which may be any or all of the following:
1. Requirement of funds to meet upcoming goals of children’s career and marriage requirements.
2. Requirement of regular supply of inflows to meet household expenses in the absence of regular salary.
3. Purchase of dwelling unit, if not already done so.
4. Requirement of a healthy corpus to meet future needs life expectancy.
5. Tax efficiency of investments made.
6. Tax planning post retirement.

Once a tailor made plan has been drawn up, it would ensure the following:

a. Preservation of capital to the maximum.
b. Growth option of your funds to beat inflation so that the capital does not erode post tax.
c. Liquidity and availability of money at regular intervals.
d. Keep the investments as simple as possible.
e. Consolidation and monitoring of investments.
f. Taxation post retirement.


1. After a general discussion to assess the specific needs of the officer, a form needs to be filled up which would briefly     outline the current financial status along with future goals if any.
2. We shall explain the process to the officer.
3. A tailor made plan would then be drawn up by our experts based on the requirements given by the officer.
4. This plan, can then be discussed and observations, if any can be addressed.
5. Once, the plan has been approved, the officer has an option to implement the plan himself or take our assistance to do     the same.
6. If the plan has been implemented through us, a summary of investments carried out would be made available to the officer 24*7 through our website
7. The investments carried out would be monitored on a regular basis and advice on changes required, if any would be     regularly rendered to ensure optimum returns.