Women play multiple roles in the modern society. The changing times have redefined the role of the modern woman. Taking control of her Finances is not a choice today! Yet 8/10 women refrain from having any kind of financial conversations! They have often depended upon others to take financial decisions for them. In the event of an unfortunate contingency, awareness about money management assumes even greater significance. The changing social fabric has percolated into the Army environment too risking the well-being of the Army wife in the event of the unfortunate death of her husband. It is not rare to find many women, losing their family trust money to misguided advice.

It is not that they do not understand money. On the contrary there could not be better money managers than them but when it comes to taking decisions, they hesitate. Financial literacy helps them cope with the challenges of managing money related issues which may be as mundane as banking to more complex tasks like taking decisions on investments for the well-being of the family.

Money provides security to the family and women today need to add financial well-being into their ‘things to do’ list. This will not only make her empowered but also help her to contribute in the fulfillment of her children and husband’s financial goals. Women should take control of their money and the first step towards this journey is to know and learn!! After all it’s their money and their family’s secured future at stake!!

Financial education is the easiest way to bridge this gap between knowing and doing. At Beekay Taxation and Investment LLP, we believe that an aware women is capable to take informed decisions that can protect her and her children from financial adversities. We take great pride in carrying out various activities and share information through especially designed videos, informative lectures and workshops that address financial issues that are unique to the special needs of women.

Financial awareness and security is the key to happiness and confidence for the modern woman that enables her to take care of herself and her family. Dealing with money is no longer an option for women, it’s a must. Attitudes need to change and TODAY definitely does not seem too early to take this step towards financial empowerment.

Our Especially curated workshops on financial empowerment for women would typically cover one or more of the following important topics:

Empower women by helping them to understand Money
     - Enable them to understand various investment tools and simple strategies.
     - Understanding goals selection and achieving them in most prudent manner.
     - Understanding the importance of protecting their financial assets.

  • » Understanding financial instruments and terms.
  • » Difference between savings and investment
  • » Goal identification & prioritisation.
  • » Matching goals with fund availability.
  • » Using money to secure future.

Case Studies(Real life stories)

  • » Being Aware - the need to be careful before investing
  • » Being too trusting and losing money.