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Your Trusted Partners in Wealth Creation.

Welcome to Beekay Associates , where trust, ethics, and transparency are the foundation of our 33-year legacy.

Born from the dedication of Ex-Defence Personnel and Financial Stalwarts, our journey started with empowering Defence Personnel to navigate investments and taxation. Today, we stand as a trusted beacon serving High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs), youth, and women, offering a wealth of expertise and reliability.

Our client-centric philosophy ensures integrity-infused insights and conflict-free services. As your partners in wealth creation and Tax consultants, we shape your financial journey responsibly, backed by years of credibility and expertise.

Experience the Beekay Edge: Personalized and trustworthy solutions that turn YOUR financial dreams into tangible realities!


Our Mission

"We are committed to delivering customized, meticulously researched, trustworthy, and responsible solutions that resonate with each individual's unique needs and circumstances, enabling them to lead better lives. "


Our Vision

Beekay's vision is to empower one million individuals with financial freedom, making financial literacy easily accessible in its simplest form.



Years of Empowering Your Financial Journeys

With a legacy spanning over 3+ decades, Beekay is your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of the financial world - Investments, Insurances Mutual Funds, Tax Advisory, Will Creation, and a lot more!



Crores in Managed Portfolio

Beekay manages a robust portfolio exceeding 650 crores in investments, including mutual funds and more, to deliver optimal value to our clients. Our expert team ensures strategic allocation, proactive monitoring, and timely adjustments, all aimed at maximizing returns and minimizing risks for our valued clients.



Satisfied Clients Served

With a track record of serving over 1,00,000+ satisfied customers, our hyper-personalised approach focuses on giving you unique solutions that surpass your expectations, every time.

Experience the #BeekayDifference

The #BeekayEdge

At Beekay Associates, we bridge dreams with reality, anchored by strength and commitment. We listen, understand, and respond thoughtfully to your financial needs, offering insights that go beyond numbers. With us, your wealth journey is about securing your future and achieving your aspirations. When life happens, you should be prepared, and with Beekay by your side, we’ll ensure your financial stability throughout your life.

  • Breakthrough strategies that go beyond conventional wealth creation - Investment solutions, mutual fund distribution, tax advising, and more.
  • Transparent communication and personalised solutions that build trust and rapport.
  • Credible insights and expert solutions that simplify financial complexities and empower your decisions.
  • Unwavering commitment to your financial well-being, ensuring peace of mind.
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A Legacy of Trust and Integrity

With over 33 years of distinguished service in the Indian Air Force's Accounts division, Wing Commander BK Bhargava established Beekay Associates (Now Beekay Taxation & Investment LLP) in 1991 after his retirement.

His vision was clear - to provide trustworthy financial solutions primarily to Defence personnel. Today, his legacy continues as Beekay has expanded its footprint and proudly serves individuals & corporates globally offering expertise in investments, wealth creation, tax planning, and more. Wing Commander BK Bhargava's commitment to integrity and excellence remains the guiding force behind Beekay's mission to empower clients to achieve their financial goals.


Leading Beekay with Vision and Purpose

Meet Anupama Bhargava, the visionary Partner and driving force behind Beekay Taxation & Investment LLP. With over 17 years of expertise as a Certified Financial Planner and MBA graduate from Symbiosis, Pune, Anupama is a stalwart in responsible investing and tax planning.

An army officer's wife, Anupama started her journey as an educator, driven by a deep-rooted passion for financial literacy. She has conducted over 600 investor workshops and is a sought-after speaker at prestigious institutions and corporate gatherings.

Under Anupama's leadership, Beekay continues to transform the lives of individuals, providing invaluable financial literacy and guidance. Her impact extends across esteemed organizations such as Army MP 5&6, MDI, IIM Indore, and more.

Join us as we follow Anupama's lead, advocating for financial education and empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals confidently. Anupama Bhargava continues the legacy of her late father, Wing Commander BK Bhargava, guiding Beekay to new heights of success and impact.

Our Happy Clients

Beekay is a very professional and easy-to-work-with organization. Most importantly, I have seen my money grow. Their logical investments have ensured my money multiplies optimally. Their timely investment advice has been immensely helpful. Additionally, the IT returns were completed with great precision and seamlessly. Thank you, Team Beekay for a constant support and guidance.

Vinay Lekhi

I have been receiving expert advice from Mrs. Anupama and the staff of Beekay for over a decade. They have helped me invest wisely, which has significantly increased my wealth. The tax refunds I receive are substantial and always prompt. I am blessed to be guided by absolute professionals, including through online talks and videos by Mrs. Bhargava. Thank you, Beekay!

Brigadier Sanjay Khanna, Veteran

I've had the privilege of working with Beekay Associates led by Mrs. Anupama Bhargava, for over a decade. Their professionalism and attention to detail have consistently exceeded expectations. Team members like Mr. Vinod, Mr. Rishabh Singh, and Mr. Shiva have demonstrated exemplary service, navigating market uncertainties with dedication and expert guidance.

Gp Capt (Rtd.) PSS Bist